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Sean Lum Fai
Born in New York
6 years
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Nikisha Gopaul To Sean Lukes FAMILY July 1, 2017
Everytime i hear the name 'sean luke' i remember the day i heard your story just like it was yesterday...Cry i wasnt a mother back then but i felt a pain and grief when you died i knew how your motherand family must have felt...the went through.....I am now a mother of a six year old little boy...and i can tell him your story and i dont trust anyone with him...he likes to go and play with the neighbours just like you did....You would have been a handsome teenager by now...but you have gone to rest....may your little soul rest in peace and i know your memory will live on forever.....
J.K.S 10 years later March 28, 2016
10 years later. You've been gone longer than you've been alive. How can that every be right? None of it is. On the anniversary of your passing you are heavy on my mind. My heart aches for your family especially your mother. I cannot even begin to imagine her agony. Her pain.

I still think of you. I don't believe anything will ever make up for what you suffered. No jail time. Nothing. The only comfort I have is that you're in that place where children who have been murdered go to. I don't know where that place is, but I hope it is amazing and makes up for all that you suffered here.

You are loved and missed.

"Dont be mad, if I cry. It just hurts so bad sometimes."
laura aka lulu angel September 23, 2014

You r an angel 
Wish God had send someone to save you
But you r save now
Stay with ur mom angel

lulu god bless September 23, 2014
My heart goies out to this family.I no the feeling of losing of losing someone ...
Since this day Sean Luke went to heaven i never forgot it

God Pleasee Bless this mother
and Pleasee hold him close to you
devi rambaran God bless him December 17, 2013
I have no words to describe what I feel when I remember Sean Luke. I write to let you know there are many that remember him and even though I did not know him or the family, my condolences and may god bless his little day we may see him again...
karla rivas HELLO ANGEL LOVE FOR YOU August 31, 2013
Hi I am sorry  there are no words only tears my heart cant deal with what they did to you. I was tortured everyday thinking of you of what u suffered. I think of u and I feel so much pain I hide from my family because I dont want to be asked why I cry I dont want to explain. I will always have these wound inside of me knowing these has broken me. so much pain and so much hate at the same time. God bless u child I dont understant why so much evil people exist I can kill any of these scum with my hands so for what they have done is the imaginable so much evil so much pain. no respect for life I have curse them like hundreds of times shame on for the women that birth them. like I said these is beyon mi mind I just cant deal with these. I am sorry child u are safe now with the LORD. God these to painfull. I think of him and see his innocent face. PLEASE GOD PROTECT THE CHILDREN DONT LET THESE ATROCITY HAPPEN AGAIN. 
karla rivas TO SEANS MOTHER July 15, 2013
I just wanted to let u know u are also very special to me I will always pray for u and ur family and ask god to comfort u to hold u in his arms so what u have face no mother should ever face we deserve to see our children grow healthy and safe. and then it should be us the ones to first leave this earth but knowing our work here is done u had the rigth to get to know Luke children and share birthdays and Holydays  I will never forget u and SEAN LUKE RIP SWEET BOY
karla rivas Precious Angel I will Always Love u July 15, 2013
I am so heart broken for Sean and his family I just want Sean know that he is very special to me that even though I never met him I love him and suffered a lot when I learn his story that night I didn't sleep crying and thinking of what he endure I felt so many mix feelings I was angry I felt my heart so broken the last time I felt this pain was when my grandmother died. I was worried thinking about his mother and family as a mother myself there are no words I can say to Sean's mother I know how much a mother loves her child how much we take care of them how we dream on how we would like their future to be how many grandchildren they will have and how proud we feel to be their mother. and one day she face the most painfull reality that a mother can face, not only her child died but the way his life was taken my heart is sinking right now writing this I just learned about this story and I am so devastated LOVE AND PAIN IS what I feel I seen his picture he was such an angel NO ONE DESERVES THIS MORE LESS AN INNOCENT CHILD who this type of behaviors dont even exist in their innocent minds all they think off is playing and get exited with toys and games these two criminals that did this deserve the worst done to them I have to ask God to forgive me for the bad thoughts and wishes I have for them I wont say anything for respect to Sean and his mother, but someone capable of duing this to a child deserves the worst punisment imaginable in this world no matter if this someone is 11,12,13, 14,15,16 they had no respect for human life and someones body they never stop to think of the pain this child was suffering, they dindnt think his life matter didnt think this child has a mother that will suffer. and for all this they need to pay a bigger price beacuse Sean ws Only 6 years old small and fragile. I would like to face them and let them know that while they will go to hell Sean will be up in heaven with God looking down at them and they will be suffering and crying believe it because that day will come for these 2. for Sean mother I know for a pain so great like this there is no comfort but my heart goes to you and pray to god to heal your brken heart and to always take of u and ur family I am sorry I want to let u know u are also so very
reesa love you sean February 20, 2013
we miss you so much i remember when you use to be with ricky all the time sean luke sadly miss byr reesa ricky an family
Kay R.I.P June 15, 2012
R.I.P Sean <3
Ashleigh Prayers March 25, 2012
"Seasons come, friends move away
Life goes on from day to day
Flowers fade and streams go dry
And many times we wonder why
Yet we can always be assured,
because God tells us in his word
That unlike changes in the weather
Love goes on and last forever"

I wrote this poem for my best friend who died 10 years ago. I hope you are doing ok with your greiving. I will keep you in my prayers.

Felisha Ali R.I.P. Sean Luke March 2, 2012
Not enough is being done in Trinidad and Tobago to protect our children of tomorrow....Akiel Chambers, Sean Luke, Amy Annamuthudo and so many others....If there is any time to set it right, this is it!!!  Don't wait for another child to become a victim....DO THE RIGHT THING!!! May they all rest in peace and their parents find comfort within themselves....
J.K.S Merry Christmas December 25, 2011
December hasn't changed
This town looks the same
They still light their tree in the city square
There's red, white, and green shining everywhere
And I wish you were here
And I wonder......

Is there snow falling down on the streets of gold
Are the mansions all covered in white
Are you singing with angels silent night
I wonder..... what Christmas in Heaven is like

There's a little manger scene
Down on Third and Main
I must've walked right by it a thousand times
But I see it now in a different light
'Cause I know you are there

And I wonder......
Are you kneeling with shepherds before him now
Can you reach out and touch his face
Are you part of that glorious holy night
I wonder..... What Christmas in Heaven is like

Is there snow falling down on the streets of gold
Are the mansions all covered in white
Are you singing with angels silent night
Oh I wonder.... What Christmas in Heaven is like

Sean, I can only imagine how hard this Christmas,
 like every Christmas in for your family.
You are missed Angel.
Always & Forever.

samira elhamad heartbroken September 13, 2011

hello my name is sam  i was reading about articles  like your sons and came apon yours ...... words can not express my grief of your loss im sooo sorry for your loss i have have a son of this age. i saw seans picture oh my goodness such an amazing little boy.  rest in peace sweet angel sean you are greatly remembered and loved you are in a better place now were you can rest from all this cruelty and hatered. rest in peace sweet little angel. with all my love and sympathy.

kimberley Ms. Lum Fai September 1, 2011
May God bless the Lum fai family with every blessing he can possible grant you. 
seema seerattan the precious little boy May 27, 2011
Although its been atleast five years I still always remember Sean Luke's murder... I'm always disgusted by the way he died. I;m glad I found this sight... to say say how sorry I am for your loss. No matter how long its been you will always remember your precious little angel... but if you pray and ask God everyday... you will be reunited with him. I',m sure Sean is among angels todays looking upon us all. Again I'm so sorry for your loss....
J.K.S 5th Angelversary March 28, 2011

1826 days
157,766,400 seconds
2,629,440 minutes
How ever you calculate, it still equals to 5yrs.
5yrs ago, we learned via newspapers of your
death. 5yrs ago, because of the selfishness of others,
you were taken.
But 5 yrs later, the memory has no more dimmed now,
than it ever will.

I often think how your family makes it through these days.
How they mange to pull it together and continue on.
You must truly be their strength.

5yrs later Sean, I still don't understand.
I still ache for you.
I hope your family can see, just how much
you have changed and touched and affected people's lives.

We will never forget. I will never forget.

Happy 5th Angelversary Sean.

I Love You.

Nicole Lewis Thinking of you! January 31, 2011
Hey Baby. guess what? Remember i told u about King and Moot right? Well they got thier motor cycle, for christmas. They came out bright and ealry that morning. While i thought of you and cried. (remember i wrote u christmas morning) I tired but couldn't finish because of the tears! I just wanted to let let you know i think of you, Emily and Brianna every day. I love you and never knew you! Well good night angel sleep in gods arms! Love mommy Nicole To the son i never had but love!
nayhee precious little man January 14, 2011
my name is Renee...i have little brothers around Sean Luke's age and i cannot imagine the pain you are going through i know how much he obviously meant to you and i hope that you get through this and god has a punishment lined up for those monsters i cant believe any one can hurt i child. from the pictures i have seen of Sean Luke he was and still is a beautiful young man and you must have been so proud of him i'm glad i found this site because i wanted to say something in memory of him and it would be appropriate to write it on you tube so i am very sorry for your loss and i know god is and will always be with you and maybe if you keep talking to him ask how Sean Luke is and god will answer so its like Sean Luke is at his friends house and by calling his father you can ask how he is doing and one day you will be re-united wit your son..............god bless you and your family

HI, My name is Riana, and i know about sean''s luke death a very long time nw and i''m soo happy to find this site to give my condolences! Sometimes i''m lost for words to describe hw horrified i am about his death,I could imagine hw you as a mother feels everyday... Someimes i wonder where are the mothers are for the two nasty monsters....That why hey should bring bck the hangings, or some sort for these type of devils!!! Please pray as much as you can, and GOD be with you...Hope you get this....If you ever ned some1 2 talk to you can e-mal m@ 

Helena Krogholm To the mother of the brave angel. June 13, 2010

My name is Helena and I'm from Denmark. I often hear about cases like your sons and I also try to reach out to people about cases like these. I believe these stories makes me a better person and I do act, when someone hurts a child when I'm around and witness it. I hope that I will get the message out and more people will react someday. Your son is now a butterfly. I'm sorry for your loss, your baby boy will never be forgotten. Thank you for sharing his storie.

Padmini from Guyana May you be strong March 17, 2010

I cannot even begin to imagine your pain. I did not know your angel but I cry whenever I think of him. It was on March 29th I called to Guyana to wish my nephew a happy birthday and my sister was crying when she answered the phone. I asked what was wrong and she could not even tell me for the next ten minutes or so she just kept crying. Eventually she managed to mumble part of the story and asked me to read our daily papers via interent. I remember Sean so often as my son is about his age. Because of Sean I have come to love my son more than ever and I cherish each and every moment with him. Your son was sent to save many other children and this sotry has done so in many ways.


Vondolences are not nearly enough to carry you through your grief, but Prayers will. I will continue to pray that you find the strenght to carry on, especially on holidays or special days. I pray that you will do him proud in finding happiness while still remembering him. God bless you richly. Sean, may you enjoy playing among angels while looking upon us.

Rosalind What?!... December 30, 2009
That murder was absolutely digusting, your murder! Curse those teenagers who apparently have no sense of how many children we're losing every day. I practically thrive on these stories, but I still wish these didn't happen. Your murder was one of the most grotesque I've ever heard of!
Lupe Lopez ~Gabe's mom~ ~ Hugs and Blessings ~ September 25, 2009

(( Precious Sean ))



Lupe Lopez ~Gabe's mom~ Good night handsome, Be in Gods arms. August 24, 2009

Wish I could give you a BIG hug goodnight little man.  You are now in Gods hands, may you rest in peace Angel.  Sending you hugs and kisses.  Please give my Gabriel a  big hug from me OK.  Love you handsome,

J & Baby Nevaeh Happy Birthday August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Precious Angel. It was 3yrs ago that we awoke to the story that a little boy had been murdered, but it feels like it was just yesterday.

I knwo you are now safe in Heaven where you no longer have to hurt again. You are safe. I know your family misses you every day, every second of everyday. Please watch over them today Sean, I can only imagine how today will be hard for them.

Rest in the Arms of the Angels Sean.

You are Missed everyday.



Lupe Lopez ~Gabe's mom~ Hugs 2 U N Heaven Sean, xo August 14, 2009

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Lupe Lopez ~Gabe's mom~ Keeping you in my prayers Onesima July 2, 2009

Sean, I hope you have a beautiful 4th of July in Heaven.

Sending you warm hugs, nudge Gabe for me

Mom 2~Micheal & Twins (Scatto) ~ Happy 4 th of July, Thinking of you! ~ July 2, 2009

Wendy ^Y^ Kevin Conatty Family Happy 4th of July Hugs Wendy and Sarah July 1, 2009

Lupe Lopez ~Gabe's mom~ Sending warm hugs to you handsome, xo June 26, 2009
Lupe Lopez, mom to ^j^ Gabriel ~ Your in my prayers ~ June 19, 2009
Lupe Lopez, Gabe's mom Keeping ur candle lit always. June 18, 2009



Precius Sean, keeping your candle lit always.  I hope your having a great time in Heaven with all the Angels.  May you be in God arms.  Please give my Gabriel a BIG hug & kiss for me OK, and give him a nudge to.  Sending you my love. God Bless you Angel. xo

Lupe Lopez, Gabe's mom Sending warm hugs to you handsome, xo June 15, 2009

God Bless You

I seek in prayerful words, dear friend,
My heart's true wish to send you,
That you may know, that far or near,
My loving thoughts attend you.

I cannot find a truer word,
Nor better to address you;
Nor song, nor poem have I heard,
Is sweeter than God bless you!

God bless you! So I've wished you all
Of brightness life possesses;
For can there any joy at all
Be yours unless God blesses?

God bless you! So I breathe a charm
Lest grief's dark night oppress you,
For how can sorrow bring you harm
If 'tis God's way to bless you?

And so, "through all thy days
May shadows touch thee never - "
But this alone - God bless thee -
Then art thou safe forever.

You are safe now in Gods arms handsome.  Always keeping you close to thoughts and prayers.  I hope you're playing with my Gabriel.  He loves kids, nudge him for me OK, and tell him I miss him too.  Love you sweet Angel. xo

Lupe Lopez, Gabe's mom Always in my thoughts & prayers June 10, 2009
Lupe Lopez, Gabe's mom Sending warm hugs to you handsome, xo June 2, 2009
Lisa With Love May 19, 2009
I am so sorry for what happened to you Sean, my heart is heavy with pain now after reading your story.  You are safe now in the arms of Jesus my precious one. xxxxxxxx  
I cannot ease your aching heart,
Nor take your pain away,
But let me stay and take your hand
And walk with you today.
I'll listen when you need to talk,
I'll wipe away your tears.
I'll share your worries when they come,
I'll help you face your fears.
I'm here and I will stand by you
on each hill you have to climb
So take my hand, let's face the world
And live just one day at a time.
You're not alone for I'm still here,
I'll go that extra mile
And when your grief is easier,
I'll help you learn to smile.
Natalia Ramkumar I'm so sorry March 21, 2009
i'm so sorry that your little precious soul had go through that torment. but i know that you're in a better place right now. To sean's mom, i can't imagine the pain and suffering that you go through and how you miss your angel. But jesus loves you and he hears your cry. keep well and love always.
Salena Maria Chadee Gone But Never Forgotten February 10, 2009

This is the saddest news that I have ever heard. This sweet innocent child I will always remember. If I had my way with those two sick beasts we call humans... they would be history.


I am not sure if I would make it into Jehovah's new world but I am 500% sure precious Sean Luke will to be there

v sean February 9, 2009
everytime i hear or see sean's pic, tears well up in my eyes. the country lost one of its angels to two monsters and my only comfort is that he is no longer in the world to witness the cruelty of it. i hope where ever he is that he is happy. i know that L Shiva will take care of him and bring those two devils to justice. i pray that they r suffering in the most in humane manner ever imagined
Reene. Happiest of places... February 2, 2009
There's no word to express what happened to Sean, but we do know that someone up there took note of all that happened and will pay dearly. His attackers' punishment will be multiplied countless times over- just a fraction of the pain and torture that Sean endured.  I pray that Sean's family will seek solace and comfort by knowing the FACT that Sean goes straight to heaven.  We, being adults have to answer and pay for our sins before we move on... Sean will be there, waiting to be reunited with his family once again...

Our life here is extremely short... It's like a race and we are all participants on a one-way track. Unfortunately, many of those whom we know and love during our lifetime would be reaching that finish line before we do.  We will ALL reach there sooner or later.  Sean's attackers have forgotten that but they'd be reminded soon enough.

I know it's close to impossible to move on, but I just want you to understand that he is safe and is in the happiest of places... I hope that just knowing that would bring even the smallest of comfort to you, his friends and family...
J.K.S Merry Christmas Sean December 24, 2008

Tomorrow is Christmas Sean. Looks like it going to be a rainy Christmas.

Tomorrow you get to spend Christmas with in Heaven with all the other Angels.

I wish your parents all the best because I can only imagine how hard tomorrow will be for them. Please comfort them and let them feel your warmth so they can make it through this Christmas Season.


Merry Christmas Sean and may God bless you.

jessica to sean's family December 13, 2008

My heart goes out to the family,

I'm very sorry for your loss.

Know that he is an angel watching over,

God has a special place in heaven for Sean and God will keep him safe.


some chick all the love I can give November 26, 2008
I didn't know your angel.........I wish you peace...maybe he knows my angel...and they are are at peace..........
Love and Light,
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