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Sean Lum Fai
Born in New York
6 years
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Innocent Always remembered December 16, 2016
My thoughts and love to you and your family. I mourn with you for your loss and hope
that you find some comfort on earth until you are with him again. Please know that he will also be remembered by others and our tears joined with yours will keep his memory alive.
laura mahabir To Sean Mom July 2, 2015
Not a day goes by that I dont think about your son, (Sean) . I just wanted to let you know that he is pain free and safe now, and i believe that you would see him again one day, he would be waiting on you. 

I never got to meet him in person but he have touched my heart in minds in ways no one could of.

Please know that you have people that support you.  
karla rivas A POEM WITH MY OWN THOUGHTS FOR SEAN July 17, 2013
Precious child I wish I met you but not this way, I wish I seen your bright eyes but not
in such way, By not giving you a chance not they only ended your future but our future also.
So could have become that doctor to save many lives,or that firefigther to stop the fire. so
many things you could have done now we will never know your mommy didnt deserve this
heartache. I pray to God to heal our hearts so we have witness so much evil; You should been
playing with toys ,playing with your friends; going to school to learn; watching Disney movies;
So I know I was 6 years old once I was also free like you were, happy like every child deserves
to be. Child I want to let you know I love you and I will grow old with your memory in my heart
and soul. I will always remember a precious child call SEAN LUKE.

It heals my heart to think that in your pain that day there was a man dress all white beside you
and whispered to your ear; Dont be afraid it will end soon and you will never have pain never again
you will never be afraid again no one will never hurt you again my child. There is heaven waiting for
you. then he hold your hand and together they flew away so far from here, when I enter this place
there was a man sitting on a big throne like a king, He said come to me I was waiting for you; then I
heard trumpet and singing they were so happy to recieve me I was given so many gifts, gold flowers
this place is so beautiful I never want to go back to earth. Dont worry for me I will be here waiting for
my mommy and sister I want them to see this beautiful place but the man told me I have to be patient
mommy has a lot to do on earth.

Please dont let them hurt our children remember every child matters when a child dies our future dies too. Love them protect them there have been thousands of children that have died in hands of someone evil for no reason, there is no reason for a child to die.
!!Please God and humanity I beg to make it stop!! The death of a child stays in our hearts forever it is a very deep wound that it could never be healed R.I.P. PRECIOUS CHILD   SEAN LUKE LUM FAI , FLY WITH THE ANGELS, SO YOU ARE AN ANGEL AMONG THEM.
sammy happy new year 2 sean an family have faith in god January 1, 2012
to the lum fai family ,
                              its a new year with a new beginning 4 us all but 2 sum of us on special occasion like these its only grive 4 the 1 we lost an love the most,we can all feel the grive 4 the lost of your son even though its been years now its truly hurts , im sayin dis cuz its only been 3 months since my mom got muderd an an i can feel the pain even stronger the same way u feel it 4 your son ,but heaven is the best place they can be wit god at their sides ,an in time we,ll all unite wit dem but we just gotta keep strong an have faith in god 4 our beloved r with him happy new year

jjust want too send  love too ur family  and say how brave they are forbeing strong

     and sending hugs and kississ too ur mommyand daddy

                                       good night my little prince x00x0x0x00xx0x0 

Chelsea and Sayeed Ali

To the Lum Fai Family,

                                May your days be comforted knowing that your beloved baby boy Sean, is flying with the angels, looking down on the people he loves...I know the pain sometimes is hard to dissolve, but ultimatley almighty God will reunite you all and Sean together one day very soon...May God bless you all tremendously and continue to grant you all the strength and serenity necessary to get by your days...

Coming from the hearts of my girlfriend and myself...



hema seunarine

to miss lum fai


their are people who thinks about your son and i am just leaving a message to wish you a happy new year for you.  all the best for the future

it so sad someone so young have to lost his life,i cry and wish he were alive so he can celebrate his birthday so sad. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE.
Poem for Sean

 In memory of Sean Luke

Sean Luke, Sean Luke

I called, I cried,

You never replied

You were already mute

I called again but it was all in vain,

As I call your name Sean Luke, Sean Luke,

My little angel

You have died and gone to Heaven,

Just when you will be seven,

I love you my son,

I cry and cry knowing what they have done,

I miss you, my sweet one,

Your lovely smile, your tender face,

It’s gone, it’s gone

Only your memory lives on,

Kissing you everyday,

Watching you play,

Oh! How I miss you in every way,

Growing you up, I will not see,

Being a big boy, it will not be,

I will not see you any more,

Grief-stricken, I will die for sure,

As my pain increase,

My heart decrease only for you,

Rest in peace my son,

You are in God’s kingdom, safe in his arms,

There will be no harm,

You are safe now my son,

You are safe, you are safe.

A mother of five

San Fernando

A few days ago, I went to a store just to watch and look at the toys and the children buy toys,”

“There was this little boy with his mommy who was looking at a toy.

“His mummy was hurry to leave and I asked the lady if I could buy him a toy and she obliged.

“I told him: ‘Sweetheart, go and take out a toy,’ and I bought it for him. I had to... I had to do that.

“I have bought so much toys for people children already because that is how I find some joy.”

sean's mummy
“I still think about last Christmas and it feels as if it was just yesterday...Now it is even harder because Christmas was a fun time for both of us,”
to sean
“Sean would ask me to buy toys for my neighbour’s child, Sunita, and he would tell Sunita to come over and look for her present,”
from mummy

 “I will sit and talk with him and remember him if nobody else wants to.”

sean's mummy

“I think of him as my hero. He is my hero. He inspires me to be more and be the best I can.”

lum fai(sean's mummy)
“During the day it is easy for me, but at night it is miserable and unbearable for me. The closest I can get to a hug is the memories I have hugging Sean and photo of the two of us hugging each other,” a bereft Lum Fai said

upon hearing about his story the whole of trinidad citizens were heart broken. no one could believe what had happened to such an innocent little boy

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